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Welcome at the Internet site of Fransen-Orchids. Fransen-Orchids is a orchids grower which is established at Bleiswijk. Since 1996 we have been active at growing cut-Cymbidiums. Fransen-Orchids is a large supplier of large flower orchids at the auction Flora Holland Aalsmeer. Fransen-Orchids has got over 27,000 m. ? land meant for production, also we set up 5,000 m. ? where we grow young plants for future production. Because of the large assortment we currently have in production, we can provide sufficient varieties of cymbidiums which fit the needs of consumers.
Fransen-Orchids tries to produce and develop market-oriented. We keep an eye on future developments by communicating with purchasers and analysing the demand. With that in mind we try to adapt our supply. Offcourse there are certain trends with colours and species, but besides that we mainly try to maintain our quality because we think thats the most important thing. Thats why quality is our biggest aim within the company. We garantuee this quality by keeping our staff on their toes at selecting and packing orchids, but also by instantly improving. For example by using certain grow techniques. Because of this we are almost able to supply orchids the whole year around.

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