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Fransen-Orchids is active with crossing and enhancing cymbidums since 1998. Fransen Orchids B.V. has developed multiple species over the last years with good qualities. These new species will be used in the future years within our production department and will be sold to consumers. Fransen Orchids B.V. focuses on the quality of the product and is constantly improving the production process.


Fransen Orchids B.V. has as most important enhancementgoal to obtain a better yearround grow and floweringproductioncapacity. Besides that Fransen Orchids B.V. also wants to improve the quality and sustainability of the cymbidiums. With enhancement Fransen Orchids B.V. tries to develop cymbidiums with larger flowerstalks with larger flowers, better colours and a special lip.

The enhancementprocess is taken place within the productiondepartment. The goal of this process is to develop better, more beautifull species. These processes are often time consuming and expensive processes.

On the foto above cymbidiums are grown by using different techniques, such as crossing or enhancing.

An enhancingprogramma can take up from 10 to 15 years, depending on the cultivars. More often within the enhancement processes certain modern techniques are used which can speed up the process. After a certain period of growing plants like on the photo are beeing moved to another location for further growing.

With biotechnological markers important genes can be tracked down, with this the selection of seedlings can be selected early with the desired qualities. An enhancementcompany can protect these species with the growingright. A new specy can be legal protected therefor the specy can not be multiplied without the needed consent. With this right the invested money can be earned back easily when its a high quality product.

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