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Nursury of Cymbidums

The cymbidium is very long tenable within the orchids. The gender originally comes from the Himalaya's in Asia. This means the plant is used to a hard environment from origine. Much light, cold nights, a rocky, low nourishment landscape and various water and nourishment supply.

At 1900 various Cymbidium plants were taken to England which were used to develop new species. This was the beginning of the current assortment.

To optimally enjoy the Cymbidium in a vase, there are several things to know about taking care of the Cymbidium:

- Cut the flowerstalk ? 3 cm slanted from the bottom
- Put this flowerstalk in a clean vase filled with lukewarm water
- Change the water once a week
- When you wish to do so its nice to add a green leaf-stalk
- Dont put this flower into the intense sun and draught

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